British businesses losing orders as lunchtime calls go unanswered

British businesses could be losing millions of pounds in orders because they don’t have enough people answering their phone lines at lunchtime.

That’s the finding of Voice4IP, a subsidiary of the leading network distributor and broadband wholesaler NetServices plc. Today they revealed that many organisations underestimate the level of demand from consumers calling their offices and shops during their lunch breaks.

Voice4IP has identified that between 12pm and 2pm the number of calls going unanswered at British businesses increases substantially.

Although the exact number varies from company to company, typically the number of missed calls at businesses serving the general public doubles compared to other times of the day.

The research is based on more than 100,000 calls, and highlights the importance for businesses to closely monitor their telecoms infrastructure and call patterns.

Companies can also use Voice4IP’s up-to-the-minute reports, which are supplied to customers of the company’s voice over IP solutions, to identify other business issues such as employee misuse of the phone.

However, companies operating in the business-to-business arena do not share the issue – and indeed in many cases quite the opposite is true, with the number of calls going unanswered falling considerably while staff are taking their lunch breaks.