Interactive screen kiosks - watch out!

I interviewed none other than the mighty Graham Cluley, senior technology guru with Sophos (fx: doffs cap in the presence of IT royalty -Ed), last week, for a feature in a print magazine.

You mean you write this crud for magazines as well? -Ed

We got to chatting about the large number of interactive Windows and Linux-driven screen systems being installed in retailers, and he pointed out that, whilst they are closed systems and therefore theoretically more secure against malware, they still need to be updated with the latest patches for their security software and operating system.

Good point Graham. And there's also the problem of eternal teenagers like myself wandering into the store, pulling up a virtual keyboard on the touch-screen and typing in:

10 Print: "Stevie G was here"

20 Goto 10

Which is what I used to in Debenhams back in the early 1980s on the first Sinclair Spectrums. How childish is THAT?

Tee Hee...