Sysadmin of the Year Contest Launches

In conjunction with the celebration of System Administrator Appreciation Day, Splunk and co-sponsors, Digg, NaSPA (the Network and Systems Professionals Association), LOPSA (the League of Professional System Administrators), USENIX/SAGE, and Bawls Guarana have recently announced a contest to bring attention to the work of System Administrators and recognize individual system administrators for their outstanding achievements.

July 28, 2006 has been recognized as Sysadmin Day. According to SAGE, a system administrator ‘is one who, as a primary job function, manages computer and network systems on behalf of another, such as an employer or client.’

The Sysadmin of the Year program aims to honour these folks for their work in creating and maintaining the computing environment that nearly every business today needs to run. With a simple nomination, IT management and other business professionals can recognize their system administrators for the hard work they put in every day.

The role of System administrators is even more important than ever. They look after computers, networks, applications and security. They are the reason we can do everything that touches a computer, like send an email, make a purchase or even get money from an ATM.

Unfortunately, like the Channel4 sitcom, ITCrowd, showed, more often than not, people only recognize them when there's a problem. They don't recognize the hours and weeks of work behind keeping things running smoothly.