Free Calls For VOIP Mobile Users

If you are fed up with horrendous phone bills and arguing with customer services like so many others, VoIP mobile technology is the way forward.

All calls that are made from VOIP to VOIP are completely free of charge, even if they come from a mobile device.

So that's the basics of VOIP but you must be thinking how do I get this on my mobile phone?

Well it’s actually pretty simple, VoIP is a technology that allows voice to travel through your existing Internet. However with Wireless Internet being more openly available than ever, your VOIP mobile will connect to the Internet through the nearest wireless point and bobs your uncle you have a mobile that is capable of calls costing cheaper than a typical Land Line.

I can send a text message for less than half a UK Penny, phone my dad in America on his mobile, land line and VOIP mobile phone for nothing.

I personally have had experience with international calls from a mobile phone and was stunned when I received the bill (in my case, it is free). Whether you are looking to call someone abroad or your next door neighbour, prepare to be amazed.