Intel's Launch of Core Duo Processors Drives the Processor Market to a Turning Point

Analysys International, an Internet based provider of business information about technology, media and telecom (TMT) industries in China, said that Intel's recent launch of Core Duo Processors will drive the processor market to a turning point despite the competition from AMD.

Intel's starting the new Core Duo brand to replace its year long Pentium Brand, shows Intel's intention to emphasize the new phase of the parallel computing time of the processor with enforced performance as well as to rebuild its brand advantage.

Analysys International thinks that Intel will pay more attention to the price/performance ratio in its product strategy planning because price factors will play a more important role in the future competition.

Intel's action of reducing the price of some of their product range has two purposes: one is to pave the road for its new products; another is to compete with its rival AMD and allevitate the performance pressure from them.

Intel's considerable price reductions will produce an adverse influence on AMD and finally lead the competition of both parties into a new phase.