The Future of SPAM

Let’s really really hope that SPAM filtering software is not going to turn into the old virus checking software syndrome. You know how it is – you buy an anti-virus checker and then every year you have to keep renewing the licence for updates.

Unfortunately in the current IT world it does seem like every bit of software needs constant updates and it would be sad to see SPAM filters continuing this trend.

Perhaps it would be better for everyone to live in so much fear of spammers, that we would not even provide contact email addresses on our web-sites. In fact, perhaps we should go one step further and stop using email totally!

That would really teach these spammers a lesson! Just think of all those out of work spammers. Then one year later after we think they’ve all gone and got a proper job somewhere, we can sneak back and start using our email systems again.

Yes I know the above is said slightly with tongue in cheek – however there are many other communication systems that are taking over such as VOIP and instant messaging precisely because for some people email is becoming more and more unusable.