CyberDefender Reports Increase in Extremely Dangerous Virus Attacks

CyberDefender Corporation identified the following extremely dangerous computer viruses at the end of July 2006. They are : Spyware Filename: 5bcca602.exe, Spyware Filename: a1b40d73.exe, Spyware Filename: 0ae04eb9.exe.

CyberDefender's ‘Threat Central’ ranks threats from one to ten according to its Universal Severity Scale(tm) Threats rated above five are considered viruses while threats ranked below five are considered spyware or adware.

Lightning-quick updating ensures users get protection from new cyber-attacks faster than any other spyware removal tool.

Viruses rated by CyberDefender's Universal Severity Scale from seven to ten are extremely dangerous. Typically these types of threats log user keyboard activity, take system snapshots and present a high risk of distribution or damage.

They may profile users and send confidential user data back to a remote server, are difficult to contain, and impossible to remove manually.

Interestingly, CyberDefender's anti virus software beta is available as a free anti virus download at

CyberDefender AntiVirus(tm) 2006 is compatible with all other major anti virus products, so users can easily add another layer of virus protection that catches viruses faster.