GP2X : When Open Source meets Gamers

I'm fond of Little Open Source gadgets. To India's Simputer and MIT's latest "One Laptop Per Child" project, I've added the GP2X on which you can read a past post.

Now has a nice little review of one model. The actual reviewer was actually the writer's son. He added a 4GB SD card and loads of software, games, MP3, videos and ebooks.

"The GP2X is an open, Linux-based handheld games console manufactured by Game Park Holdings of South Korea. It has a typical handheld control layout, a good quality backlit screen, built-in stereo speakers, headphone socket, and several connectivity and expansion options. My son is completely taken with the device, and it has won me over too. At £125 (or $190), you're not going to find a less expensive handheld device that can be expanded into a full-blown computer."

More about the GP2X here.