Keep an Eye on Your Possessions Via Your Mobile Phone

3rd-i, a provider of mobile security camera solutions, is set to launch the first ever mobile phone-based security system in the UK this Autumn.

With the fear of crime on the increase and the cost of CCTV too high for domestic use, the 3rd-i mobile phone-based security system is a simple, easy to use and cost effective product for mobile phone users who want to keep an eye on their possessions and reduce the threat of burglary in their homes.

The 3rd-i security system, recently featured on ITV’s This Morning, is based on a small camera that can be positioned to keep an eye on anything that you value, for example: around the home, in the garage or even in the car.

Once the small camera is in position, you can view live footage of your possessions whenever and from wherever you want to by pressing the assigned keys on your mobile phone.

For true peace of mind, 3rd-i mobile phone security system keeps an eye on your possessions even when you are not watching the camera. Using infrared and motion sensors, the camera detects when an intruder has entered your home and the 3rd-i control centre immediately sends a text message alert to your mobile phone.

You can then access a recording of the event that set the camera off or view the location in real-time. Images are stored at the 3rd-i control centre for up to 30 days, so if the mobile phone is switched off when the alert is sent, footage of the event is still available.