Peer-to-Peer Technology goes to Hollywood

Downloading a two-minute version of ‘The Office’ or Beyonce’s latest hit to your laptop is only the start of a technological revolution that will turn every PC into a Home Entertainment Hub changing forever the way local TV affiliates and cable companies are paid for delivering movies and TV programs to viewers.

Using traditional one-to-many distribution systems can be costly and difficult to implement. PeerApp has developed a next-generation P2P solution that provides an efficient and scalable infrastructure for distribution of digital content through existing broadband networks that connect the world’s population to the World Wide Web.

With the advent of Digital Rights Management, copyright owners and producers can now be compensated when consumers use P2P file sharing to download entertainment from the Internet at say $1 for an individual song or $5 for a movie by by-passing traditional distribution methods like supermarkets or high street stores.

Advanced P2P caching technology can squeeze 60% more bandwidth capacity out of existing cables and some Internet service providers like NTL-Telewest are already toying with the idea of making P2P caching a standard feature of their network.