The Internet is growing expotentially

Even though the Internet has grown phenomenally over the last few years, it is continuing to grow - and, says ISS, the IT security vendor, its growth rate is still increasing.

ISS says that the number of Net domains registered in the last 12 months has grown by 21 per cent, whilst the number of Web pages has increased by a stunning 17 per cent.

The continent with the highest growth in new domain registrations is Africa with 37.4 per cent,, whilst South America is a close second with 35 per cent and Asia follows with a 22 per cent increase. Europe follows suit with 21 per cent.

I could go on about the stats, but the plain fact is that, if you started accessing each new Web page as it was created in the world this time last year, you'd have to access a new page every 0.041 seconds - which simply isn't possible.

Unless, like Google, you have squads of server farms scattered around the globe, all whirring away. Aha! So THAT's why they need such processing power...