Market turmoil causes broadband's worst quarter since 2004

According to Research Outfit, Point Topic estimates that the number of broadband lines in the UK increased by only 730,000 in the second quarter of 2006. This makes it the worst three months for broadband Britain in the last two years.

Point Topic's estimate of 730,000 new broadband connections in the period from April to June 2007 is based on actual figures for DSL lines, provided both by BT and competing local-loop unbundling operators.

The figure for cable modem broadband users is an estimate, based on a steady trend. The data comes from the latest research for Point Topic's UK Plus service.

Between October 2004 and March this year, the UK added an average of 75,000 broadband lines every week. In the April-June period this fell to only 56,000 lines a week. Point Topic estimates that the total number of broadband lines in the UK at the end of June was over 11.7 million.

The second quarter of the year is usually the weakest for broadband but the fall this time was particularly sharp. Percentage growth in the quarter was only 6.6%, the lowest since broadband started.


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