Microsoft - Why don't you copy Apple?

Microsoft Windows is the most scrutinised and understandably the most attacked of all operating systems. We ought to therefore applaud the monthly shower of patches that Microsoft throws to its grumbling but amenable customers.

But the flow of vulnerabilities never seems to stop and each lot of patches spawns yet another load of weaknesses. In this never ending battle between good and bad, the ultimate loser is the poor customer.

Microsoft should start with a clean slate and introduces a brand new operating system, even if it means breaking away from thousand of legacy software.

The jump from Windows 98 to Windows XP did cause trouble but it was worth it; less vulnerabilities and weaknesses, much quicker and probably more hours of sleep for System Administrators.

Just as Apple shed its old Mac OS skin and jump to OS X with its Unix base, isn't it high time for Microsoft to do the same?