New Anti-Cyberbullying solution unveiled

Government initiatives against cyberbullying have underscored the urgency of new technology announced by two companies (Chronicle Solutions and Crisp Thinking) who are offering a joint solution – the Child Protection Gateway - designed to provide effective control over interactions that children are experiencing online, both in schools and in the home.

For the first time, parents and schoolteachers will have a system that not only allows them to monitor exactly what the children are viewing but also proactively alerts them to specified dangers.

This initiative is particularly in tune with government guidelines announced to help tackle the growing rise in cyberbullying. New research published by the Anti-Bullying Alliance (ABA) reveals that one in five pupils have been bullied over mobile phones or over the internet.

Online bullying is particularly crushing according to the government as it pervades the child’s entire existence both at home and at school.

Until now any online activity has been un-monitored. In the event of a bullying incident, this system will enable teachers and parents to see all communication and review a complete history of what has been seen by the child, over a period of time.

Through artificial intelligence the system will look for inappropriate behaviour patterns such as repeated requests for a phone number or to meet up and will understand and actively track these patterns.