Post Holiday PC Blues?

It’s that time of year when millions of people decide to leave the country and go on holiday. Or rather queue at the airport in these unfortunate times. But how many hate the return to work - or more specifically dread the first switch on of the PC following a couple of weeks off?

Having just returned from a rather splendid two weeks free of the PC I always dread the first time I switch on the IT infrastructure chez Stanley. Now I don’t run any thing fancy, just a wireless network, 3 DELL desktops and a laptop for the variety of work that I do. You would have thought that I could simply throw the switch, get a cup of tea and by then email would have synchronised and any outstanding patches or updates would automatically have down loaded.

Oh you poor, sweet innocent thing you.

It was with sweaty trepidation that machine one was switched on. Within minutes Outlook blew up, asking if I wanted to let Microsoft know that an error had occurred. Maybe this is a bit like a “home from holiday postcard” and Microsoft install some software to detect that you have been missing. Or maybe they need reassurance that you have not migrated to Linux in the past week or so.

Then of course the patches and AV update files started coming down, as again I was informed by Virus central that I had been missing for two weeks and needed to update my system.

I felt thoroughly admonished and ashamed that I ever took the time off.

Two hard reboots later I now have a working PC. I now need to go and get the others warmed up and will no doubt face similar problems.

2 hours later it really makes me wonder why I bother to go away. Happy holidays!

PS Thanks to Ben for holding the Blog fort - I hope you enjoyed his postings.