The Biggest Social Networking Company You've Never Heard of

Surfing on the wave of the Social Networking bubble, the first (and original) niche online social network, Community Connect, re-launched one of their properties: , , and

Community Connect is the leader in online community destinations for US ethnic groups and multicultural audiences with more than 16 million registered members and 500 million monthly page views.

Launched in 1997, well before Youtube and Myspace, Community Connect has distinguished itself in the social networking space by focusing on both member growth and monetization.

While many sites claim unique visitors, Community Connect generates more revenue and profitability per unique visitor than any other social networking site. This success is driven by strong organic member growth coupled with a diversified revenue model.

Community Connect began accepting advertising in 1998 and has seen ad revenue grow steadily 36% a year for 10 years. To thwart the threat of relative newcomers like Digg or Myspace, Community Connect is committed to provide advertising solutions that not only drive results for advertisers, but are also relevant to members.