Virtual recovery… to the rescue (Part 1)

See how providing protection for multiple production applications with one disaster recovery server provides an enterprise-class solution for those looking to implement high availability and disaster recovery solutions. This is a four-part post.

For most businesses, ‘protecting the data’ – getting it out of the building – is the lynchpin that all other disaster recovery aspects rely on. But often, other measures need to be considered in order to ameliorate data replication and provide a robust business continuity solution.

One of these is to transform the existing IT infrastructure into a virtual infrastructure, which provides organisations with the key to greater flexibility as their business needs change.

Virtual infrastructure works by providing a layer of abstraction between computing, storage and networking hardware, and the software that it runs on.

Within this environment, users see resources as dedicated solely to them while the administrator is able to manage and optimise those resources globally across the enterprise.

IT organisations are then able to provision new services and change the amount of resources dedicated to a software service, treating the data centre as a single pool of processing, storage and networking power.