18-year-old Swedish alleged hacker charged

An interesting story hit the wires over the weekend about a Swedish super-comms genius being charged with hacking into computer systems across seven universities in Sweden.

The teenager, who cannot be named for legal reasons, lives in Uppsala, north of Stockholm, and is also being investigated by American police, on suspicion of hacking into systems belonging to the US military, NASA and Cisco.

Uppsala prosecutor Malin Rudstrvm was quoted on the Swedish newswires as saying that the teenager is very knowledgeable about computers and has been charged with hacking systems at the universities of Uppsala, Umee, Stockholm and Linkvping,

Unconfirmed reports suggest that the teenager only gained unauthorised access for fun and that none of the uni's have suffered any financial loss.

Some newswires, however, suggest that he may have altered software on the uni's computer systems and changed some data files.

The newswires also suggest he may have been working with colleagues, whom he has refused to name.

Good Lad - we can't have you grassing up your mates, especially the if the American porkers and spookoids are involved...