MasterCard M-PayPass arrives in Europe

MasterCard has announced a trial of its Mobile PayPass technology in Strasbourg will start at the end of this month.

The trial, which involves seven different companies, including Groupe Cridit Mutuel, CIC and NRJ Mobile, will enable 200 residents to make contactless payments via their mobile phones at 50 retailers across the city.

The Sagem phones contain hybrid SIM cards with the usual subscriber data, but also the full PayPass set of data, allowing the handset to `charge' small value items when it is with range of a PayPass RFID EFPOS terminal.

Whilst the PayPass card system itself is going great guns across Europe, as in the US and the Asia-Pac region, the RBS seems to be dragging its heels on the technology in the UK.

So far the PayPass trial has been limited to the RBS' Edinburgh headquarters, where staff can charge stuff at coffee shops and the like in the HQ complex to their PayPass Maestro debit card.

The bank is planning to extend the trial to its London headquarters - wow, I mean, that's really motoring, RBS.