Sainsbury's to invest 3.5 million to tackle ATM fraud

Sainsbury's Bank has announced plans to invest 3.5 million quidlets to tackle the growing problem (it says) of ATM fraud.

Regular readers will recall my earlier comments about only 20 per cent of UK ATMs being equipped with technology to prevent skimming fraud and how pathetic this is.

Well, it seems that Sainsbury's Bank thinks it's worth investing in the technology on its 885 ATMS across the country, as well as installing CCTV systems at all of its sites.

And if it's worth it for Sainsbury's, it must be worthwhile for the other banks - no?

In a press statement, Kevin Barrett, head of channels at Sainsbury's Bank, said that ATM fraud is a growing problem and one that the bank takes very seriously.

"We are committed to ensuring that through major investment in CCTV and new anti-skimming devices, our cash machines are among the safest in the country," he said.

He added that ATM skimming using counterfeit cards accounts for the greatest proportion of cash machine fraud in the UK...