And now - through the wall radar...

Cambridge Consultants has developed a compact `through the wall' radar system that allows the police and security services to see what's on the other side of a wall and avoid taking risks in hostage and other high-risk situations.

The Prism2000 unit from the UK-based firm is about the same size as a briefcase and uses special software to extract positional data from the multiple radar signals that bounce back on through-wall radar transmissions.

Alan Wiltshire, the firm's product manager, said that the Prism2000 is a 'switch on and go' unit that can instantly deliver high-level location information that helps tip the balance in favour of security operatives in a broad range of dangerous or time-critical situations.

From what yours truly can understand about the system, the radar antennas inside the unit are arranged in such a way that prism 200 has an extremely wide field of view: 120 degrees horizontally and 90 degrees vertically.

When combined with the range of the radar, which may be user-selected in four steps up to 20 metres, this is said to give comprehensive coverage of interior spaces.

There's a video of the system in use here...