Anti-key-logging technology stops hackers in their tracks

Fraud Resource Group, a US firm that specialises in fraud prevention and education, has taken the wraps off a anti-key-logging system for companies of all sizes.

Known as GuardedID, the software client sits on the workstation and interacts with the Iowa-based firm's servers to stop hackers from gaining access to financial information.

According to the firm, there are over 12,000 known keyloggers currently on the Internet and studies show that as much as 80 per cent of these programs are escaping detection by leading anti-virus programs.

GuardedID works by encrypting every keystroke and by-passing the PC's operating system and messaging areas of the PC's memory where keyloggers usually sit.

The slight downside, from what I can see, is that all keyboard data has to make an encrypted round trip to FRG's servers, but that's a small price to pay for such levels of security.

More info on the software/service can be found here...