What happens when your Email go down?

Do any of these apply to your company? Let's look at a simple example that resonates with just about any company.

One of the most critical applications for businesses today is email; without it, day-to-day operations can not run, or at best will slow to a crawl.

Consider the impact to your company when email goes down.

Productivity is likely to slow drastically or even stop completely. For better or worse, we are heavily dependent on our email systems for performing our jobs and running the business. Consider for a moment the impact of your email system being unavailable.

Most employees would notice within minutes or even seconds and there would be an immediate work stoppage as everyone asks 'is email down?' and then proceed to continue trying until they realize there really is a problem. Even a small amount of downtime for just one application can be very costly.

The productivity dollars add up quickly,and this does not account for the business and legal implications of lost data that could result in fines and even imprisonment. The need to protect systems and data is readily apparent.