The elegant way to spend money: E-Commerce 2.0 on the march

According to e-commerce and product information management (PIM) solutions vendor Hybris, product recommendations alone do not give any online shop the E-Commerce 2.0 seal: online shopping using Web 2.0 technologies uses more than just a little interaction.

The ideal E-Commerce 2.0 application brings buyers together, using integrated communities, reviews or “tell-a-friend” functions, and from the dealer’s point of view reinforces the ‘grapevine propaganda’ component of the purchase - keywords ‘social commerce’

In order to meet the requirements of Shopping 2.0, AJAX components can be integrated into the shop solutions. This enables implementation of interactive, desktop-like Web applications that are trailblazers when it comes to user experience and visual design.

This can include, for example, drag & drop shopping baskets, personalised interactive content, rich media product displays, dynamic content or affiliate functions for decentralised commerce.