The Need for a Disaster Recovery Plan

Hurricanes, tornados, floods, malicious acts, or simple mistakes. Unfortunately, unplanned outages do happen. Whether it is a severe weather incident that shuts down a city or region or a simple mistake like kicking a power cord loose causing a server to halt, every business is susceptible to some form of outage or disaster.

And there is not likely any business that can simply afford to just be down for days or even hours without suffering pains of some sort.

At best one could expect to incur some financial losses and have to smooth things over with some unhappy customers, but at worst, and far too often this is the case, businesses are unable to recover and are forced to close. The statistics show some staggering results when the need to plan for disaster is not realized and implemented.

By implementing a few short- and long-term solutions, you can help to keep your business from being one of these statistics.