Film piracy is appallingly easy

I saw a report in the Financial Times that says movie piracy is appallingly easy, and that - get this - people are going into cinemas with digital video recorders and, gasp, recording the movies.

No, really? -Ed

Yeah - and the FT quotes David Price, head of piracy intelligence at Envisional, as saying that these movies quickly find their way on to the Internet via a number of sites, many of them Russian.

Well stone me - Ed.

Price told the paper that the quality of these pirated copies of movies is as good as a well-watched VHS tape, and the quality doesn't deteriorate when you make multiple copies.

The problem with trying to track down the pirate movie, says Price, is that there is no digital fingerprint on the file.

Well, no sh*t Sherlock.

I'm sorry, but I can't put up with tweenie-esque stuff like this, especially in the Financial Times. The Sun, I could believe, but seeing this news item in the FT?

I think I need to lie down in a darkened room somewhere...