Apple Mac OS not so secure

Ever since the dawn of PC viruses, Apple and its Mac users have made something of big deal about the operating system of the Mac being much less susceptible to viruses and malware.

Until now - last week saw the US CERT operation issue a warning that an exploit for a security bug in Apple' Mac OS X operating system could be used to carry out denial of service attacks.

According to the US CERT, the warning followed on from an advisory issued by the French Security Incident Response Team during late November.

What's interesting about the warning is that the exploit targets a flaw in the way that Mac OS X handles disc image structures (known as DMG files) resulting in memory corruption, and so causing a denial of service or arbitrary code execution.

Is this serious? I think so, as it opens up a real can of worms with the Mac operating system - this isn't a one-off flaw.

Apple will shortly issue an OS update to counter the flaw, but I suspect this issue is one that will rear its ugly ahead again in the near future...