Hell hath no fury...

I was highly amused to read at the weekend that a British woman got her own back on a cheating boyfriend by hacking his MySpace page and posting a parody of the MasterCard advert.

According to a report in The Sun (so it must be true -Ed) Sam Deakin discovered that her BF - Matt East, aged 25 - was having an affair with another woman and trying to date another 20.

Because of this, she changed the welcome note on his page to say: "I'm a pathological liar. I cheat regularly."

She wrote:

Dinner in a posh restaurant... £100.

Night in a top hotel... £200.

Finding out your boyfriend is a lying scumbag and changing his MySpace page so everyone can see... PRICELESS.

Oh, AN it goes without saying that she also changed his password so he couldn't change what she had done.

The site received more than 250 000 hits in five days with women reportedly slagging Matt off as a "total loser".

Sadly, the site was taken offline by the MySpace dweebs after five days...


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