Linspire goes global

Linspire, Inc., developer of the commercial desktop Linux operating system of the same name and primary sponsor of the IRMA Project (International Resource Management Application), today announced the immediate release and digital availability of Linspire 5 in several languages: Deutsch (German), Dutch, Espanol, and Standard English (UK).

The combined translation efforts from the community-based desktop Linux localization IRMA Project, with the commercial support from Linspire translation specialists and strategic partners, continues the international expansion of new language offerings, following the announcement of Linspire 5 French last week.

"The open source community is helping lift roadblocks to desktop Linux adoption by working together to bring Linspire's ease of use to computer users all over the world in their native language," said Kevin Carmony, President and CEO of Linspire. "Linspire prides itself on our ease of use, and certainly having everything localized in a user's language is vital to usability."

Open source community volunteers, strategic partners and Linspire's engineers continue to work hard on a multi-pronged effort to translate both the operating system and key applications. Using the Web-based translating application IRMA Project, volunteers who speak English as well as one of these languages translated thousands of strings of code that make up the complete Linspire operating system. Those translated strings were then checked, edited and filtered to create these versions of Linspire 5.

"We will continue to deliver languages for our customers around the globe as they switch to desktop Linux," continued Carmony. "Over the next several months, you will see several additional languages added as we continue with more localized offerings for both Linspire and Freespire."