Creative Director seeked for all OpenSource Movie

There have been several good feature-length documentary movies made about open source software, but none of them have been completed with open source methods AND tools. The Digital Tipping Point film Project is now looking for a Creative Director to create a final cut with our 350 hours of compelling footage

DTP Productions, an open source video film production community based in San Francisco, California is looking for a Creative Director to complete the rough cut and final cut for a 90 minute documentary film code-named "Digital Tipping Point: Buzz".

DTP: Buzz will be an entertaining and informative film about how open source software is changing the way that people create culture. Our premise is that open source software is one of the forces that is converging with rapidly-accelerating high-speed Internet service to lay the foundation for a new cultural renaissance.

The plot will follow producer Christian Einfeldt's travels around the world to find out where the digital tipping point will hit first, how it will sweep the globe, and his personal ups and downs with using open source software in his law practice and in his volunteer efforts. Einfeldt's work will be the personal story tying the film together.

The DTP crew have already shot 350 hours of interviews with political dignitaries, business leaders, and prominent free open source developers. The film will be built using open source tools such as Linux, Cinelerra, Blender, dvgrab, and CinePaint. Transcripts for the film are being posted on the group's website.

The raw footage, as well as promotional video shorts, are being posted to a distinct Digital Tipping Point Video Collection built by the Internet Archive. The film will be commercially distributed on DVDs through, and will be promoted by the release of free on-line "community distributions" of the film. Certain footage in the paid version will not appear in the free version.

DTP Productions is now looking for a Creative Director to put together the existing footage, and shoot a few tapes of remaining interviews in the San Francisco Bay Area. The following skills will be desirable for this position:

Command-line skills with Linux;

* A proven history of editing video with Linux;

* A proven history of editing video with Cinelerra, or a passion for learning how to use the Cinelerra editing tool;

* Skills at creating graphics and animation with CinePaint and Blender. Some art skills are useful, however, the animation and graphics which are included will be created by other artists;

* Familiarity with using the Linux command line tools called transcode and ffmpeg2theora to create open-format video files;

* An understanding of the business model for giving away some creative product and leveraging that giveaway to create buzz for the paid product, and a willingness to commit to that process;

* A willingness to do some transcribing of video as needed to get the project done.

* A proven ability to create an entertaining story line out of raw footage on a potentially very dry subject.

* The candidate must possess a commercial-grade deck capable of reading both miniDV and hi-eight tapes.

* A willingness to commit to capturing hours of video from tape, and doing the rough cut on the resulting video files.

* A willingness to log video files to the Internet Archive's Digital Tipping Point Video Collection in both .mpg and .ogg video formats.

* An interest in assisting with the bug testing and deployment of Annodex and Keystroke video indexing and transcribing tools, both of which are brand new technologies in their infancy. Our project will be one of the early adopters of these technologies. Multi-lingual capabilities a plus (Spanish, French, or German).

The successful candidate will be compensated by a share in the equity of the proceeds of the sales of DVDs. The equity share received will vary according to the level of the candidate's capital contributions, if any, and the completion of the project to a final cut, delivered in DVD-ready format to an order fulfillment center.