Protect-as-you-go planning

Do not wait until you have a complete DR plan to start protecting your business. The quickest and easiest way to protect your critical systems is to get the data offsite to a different geographic location.

Maintaining a copy of your data at a remote facility will enable you to recover and regain productivity. You likely perform tape backups already, so the easiest and quickest process may likely be to ensure these are stored offsite at a secure location, readily accessible in case a recovery is necessary.

Is a tape-based data protection solution enough? While it may be for some of your systems,it is probably not sufficient by itself for all of them. To determine where a higher level of protection is needed,identify and prioritize the resources and infrastructure that must be available to enable critical business functions to resume.

What keeps your business going? Email? Databases? Web servers? Prioritize your data and protect the most critical first, if they cannot all be done at the same time.