Romanian charged with hacking NASA and US Navy computers

A federal grand jury in the US has indicted a Romanian hacker for allegedly hacking his way into more than 150 different computer systems across the US, including NASA and the US Navy.

The intrusions and loss of data are reported to have cost the US Navy, NASA, and the Department of Energy a total of more than $1.4 million.

What's interesting about the indictment is that the chances of extradition are about as likely as President Putin and the head of the SVD standing trial for the murder of Alexander Litvinenko.

The Romanian authorities, however, have brought a set of in-country charges again SirVic (aka Victor Faur), of Arad, who is said to be a leading member of the White Hat hacking group.

The US Attorney's office said that Faur faces 10 counts - one count of conspiracy and nine counts of computer intrusion - and if convicted in a US court, he could end up in clink for 54 years.

Faur, however, has also been prosecuted by the Romanian government for a series of similar, but unrelated, hacking charges.

Unsurprisingly, the Romanian government has told the US government where to go with its charges - at least, until the local country prosecution is completed...