Gold'en Rant : EC spam investigations - busy doing nothing

The European Commission (EC), apparently after months of investigation, has concluded that up to 80 per cent of email being received by Internet users is spam.

Incredibly, though, the Commission says its 2002 legislation against unwanted email is sufficient to act as a deterrent, and it blames individual member countries for not doing enough to tackle the problem of unwanted messages clogging users' mailboxes up.

"What we need to beef up in the European Union is our enforcement activities and that requires in particular well-equipped national regulators," EC spokesman Martin Selmayr told reporters earlier this week.

Selmayr added that the EC will look at the spam problem again next year to see whether new legislation is needed.

Actually Mr Selmayr, I think new legislation is desperately needed - just ask any company IT manager in the UK for his thoughts.

Before, of course, hopping in your tax-free limo and going to the bank to draw your tax-free salary for sitting in your office doing stupid things and ignoring what's happening in real world...