GFI updates its MailArchiver software

Security and Messaging company GFI has released an update to its MailArchiver application. Version four allows you to directly archive files to a NTFS drive which reduces the Total Cost of Ownership by saving the cost of a MS SQL server Licence.

Email archiving is increasingly important for businesses in the UK and across Europe. It has been estimated that over 50% of company records exist only in email format. If this is true, then over half of a company's records do not sit in any formally controlled records system.

Mailarchiver allows businesses to reduce their reliance on PST files and ensure that all company emails are archived centrally, thereby adhering to compliance and legal requirements like the Sarbanes-Oxley Act.

Its major features include

- Its new email retention policies and a 'Saved Search' function that allows individual users to save their search requests for repeated use.

- The ability to search within various types of email attachments such as MS Word, MS Excel, PDF files, OpenOffice, WordPerfect and others.

- Flexible email access control through Active Directory integration which allows configured users to access other users' archived emails.

A trial version of the software is available on >MailArchiver's product page. Prices per seat start at under USD 18 for 25 seats but fall sharply if you order more. 1000 mailboxes for example will cost $5.25, about £2.75 per mailbox. The price includes three months of upgrade protection.

You can also learn more on GFI MailArchiver by reading this tutorial on