MySQL Database slashes costs Reduce Costs at Tellme

MySQL AB announced that Tellme Networks, Inc. is benefiting from significantly reduced database-related costs by using the open source MySQL database.

Tellme employs MySQL to power mission-critical enterprise and carrier applications on the world's largest open platform for the phone.

Tellme powers voice-based phone searches used by more than 35 million people every month. It is the most popular mobile search service today. Like many fast-growing "Web 2.0" Internet businesses, Tellme's data load has scaled with the rapid growth in its traffic - from 500 million calls in 2004, to nearly 2 billion calls in 2006.

Tellme uses MySQL in three distinct ways. First, the company relies on MySQL as a core technology in its distributed data cluster. In addition to handling more than 2.25 terabytes per week, this system processes logging data, performance tuning data, recognition statistics and billing.

Tellme's second use of MySQL is as a fast, highly available data store for applications. This system is geographically redundant and can provide personalization data in milliseconds. Tellme also uses MySQL as a general data warehouse to reduce costs for several of its innovative business efforts. The company runs MySQL on a heterogeneous network of hardware.