Organised hangs recruit unwitting scam assistants

Interesting to read that organised gangs of criminals are approaching US undergraduates on university campuses and offering them financial help with their studies, in return for assistance in company information at some stage in the future.

Assisted studies, particularly in the US, are nothing new, but by catching the students young, the crims are clearly hoping to extract inside information on the companies the students later go to work for.

According to a report from McAfee, which claims to draw on intelligence (though I do use that term loosely) from the FBI and the British hi-tech crime unit, the gangs later go on to use the young workers they employed as students as `sleepers' inside the firms.

So what can firms do to protect themselves against student sleepers?

Sad to say, not a lot, except to install vigilant security software on their internal, as well as external-facing systems...