P2P Fund Transfers coming soon

Redknee Inc has been selected by Bakrie Telecom to allow real-time, peer-to-peer fund transfers. The solution will allow any Bakrie Telecom prepaid subscriber to transfer monetary value to another Bakrie Telecom subscriber through a familiar, easy-to-use Short Message Service (SMS) interface.

With Redknee's mCommerce Gateway (MCG), subscribers can send a text message to an operator-determined short code including a recipient customer number and an amount.

The solution provides subscribers with the flexibility to transfer any monetary amount to another Bakrie subscriber. Redknee validates in real-time that sufficient funds are available in the account, eliminating potential revenue leakage for the operator and providing subscribers with immediately-verifiable transactions.

Redknee's mCommerce Gateway has the flexibility to facilitate direct fund transfers based on any relationship type such as peer-to-peer, family-to-family, social or special interest group members. MCG also allows operators to set minimum and maximum transfer thresholds in a predefined timeframe such as per day. Its settings are configurable for valid transfers based on subscriber service grade.