Thumbs up to OS Alternative to Proprietary Integration in FS

Volante Technologies, which sells platform-independent data management and messaging solutions for the financial services industry, announced a partnership with MuleSource, the official support and services organization backing Mule.

Mule is the leading open source Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) and integration platform, with hundreds of mission-critical production installations worldwide, including several of the Fortune 50, and more than 200,000 downloads since 2005.

Financial services organizations are increasingly running Mule as the messaging backbone for high-volume trade processing, and experiencing performance that rivals multi-million dollar proprietary alternatives at a fraction of the cost.

Volante provides a high performance platform-agnostic product suite that gives customers open and flexible solutions to conquer the challenges of data integration in SOA environments.

In financial services, SOA migration requires exposing previously siloed, monolithic applications as services for re-use across legacy infrastructure (even resident mainframe applications).

Volante supports the broadest range of structured and unstructured data, messaging technologies and formats, offering a painless migration path to SOA and making it easier for financial firms to comply with regulatory and compliance reporting requirements.

The Mule integration platform is highly complimentary with Volante's family of platform-agnostic data management and messaging solutions. Under the terms of the partnership, MuleSource and Volante will jointly sell their solutions to financial services industry customers starting in Q1 of 2007.