21 charged in International eBay scam

Holy moly - eBay reports that a total of 21 people are now facing fraud charges in connection with a major international scam on the auction Web site.

According to news reports, the scamsters were located in Chicago, but working with accomplices in Romania.

The defendants in the case, led by Adrian Florin Fechete, aged 35, are accused of obtaining more than $5 million from around 2,000 victims led to believe they were buying goods on eBay or other auction sites, but never giving the victims anything.

If you do the maths, that averages out at around $2,500 per victim or around 1,300 UK quidlets, which is a lot of bread in anyone's book.

According to newswire reports, eight of the 21 defendants were arrested on Tuesday in the Chicago area, while five more were arrested earlier, One is expected to surrender soon and the remaining six are on the run, say the authorities.

The scam centered on the use of the `second chance' option on eBay, with the fraudsters using Western Union as a means of collecting the readies.

Sheesh - anyone that sends this kind of money internationally and via Western Union must be a right old putz in my humble opinion. Or am I being unduly cynical?...