Controversy Over WiFi Spins Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt

The Times Online revealed earlier this week that there is a growing debate, partly fuelled by its own journalists, about the safety of wireless networks.

Wireless Networking looks set to become the next victim in some campaigners' quest to find a culprit for health-related problems; especially as the general population embraces it with enthusiasm.

The level of radiation of WiFi networks is similar to FM radio and TV and significantly less a mobile phone for example. Published data shows that 20 minutes chatting on your mobile phone is equivalent to one year of exposure to WiFi signals.

Yet, no one looks at banning television, mobile phone and radio - or the ubiquitous microwave. The truth being that we are surrounded by Electro Magnetic Radiation whether or not we like it.

As for the scientific facts, well, they seem to be pointing anywhere and everywhere, depending where you look. A study published in the Journal of National Cancer Institute, one of the largest of its kind, came to the conclusion that there was no link between mobile phone usage and cancer.

Even the World Health Organisation points out that after 30 years of research and more than 25,000 articles on the matter, it seems that there is still a great amount of uneasiness when it comes to the unseen world.

WiMAX technology, which is backed by the world's largest semiconductor company, Intel, is on its way to become a major player very soon and will, for the first time, unite wireless telephony and wireless networking.

Although there is documented evidence that some people are indeed sensitive to electromagnetic radiation, this doesn't outweigh the overwhelming benefits of wireless networks. It would be unwise to infuse fear uncertainty and doubt within the general population.