Report claims retailers are keeping fraud at bay

Well, it's the penultimate Thursday before Christmas and the local shopping mall (Meadowhell) has opened its overspill carparks - you can almost hear the chatter of the EFTPOS terminals at a range of six miles... :)

Myself, I prefer to shop online, as I've done for years and years and years - okay, we get the picture -Ed.

But according to a report out this week, the level of online fraud is actually under control by most e-tailers.

Yeah, that's what I thought - after I'd picked my self up from floor with laughing so much.

The third annual report, from CyberSource UK, claims to show that online retailers are taking a toolkit approach to managing risk.

Retailers, it says here, typically spend between £10,000 and £100,000 each year deploying and managing an average of six different tools to assess orders.

The report notes, however, that online retailers think they have to manage the problem, as only 15 per cent believe it will be significantly improved by police action.

For the study, 150 retailers were surveyed by independent research company Vanson Bourne - 73 per cent reported that losses from fraud have stalled or fallen as a proportion of revenue, but more importantly 58 per cent reported that fraud levels are static or down in actual monetary value.

What's really interesting, however, is that 46 per cent of retailers now use an automated system to collate the results from multiple checks and screens, and assess the probability of fraud on a given transaction...