Wii, a boon for Injury Compensation Experts?

Wiidamage.com and wiihaveaproblem.com are two of the many websites that have cropped up to document and bring together Nintendo's Wii Console horror stories from all around the world; from people who cut their fingers, whacked their friends on the forehead, got a “Wii Scar” to those who simply got a sore elbow known as the Wii Elbow.

And there are rumours of game stores across the country asking gamers and testers to fill a form exonerating any third parties of potential damages caused by the use of Nintendo’s Wii.

A Nintendo spokesperson said that the Japanese firm is aware that some customers have played Wii games with more gusto than they had originally anticipated. They will monitor the situation and have not ruled out bringing improvements to the Wii’s accessories - particularly to the gaming pad.

The sheer amount of incidents has prompted Nintendo to send an email to customers with advice on how to avoid incidents and recommended to "hold the remote securely and avoid excessive motion during game play. If your hands become moist, stop and dry your hands".

Nintendo has also set up a web page which contains health and safety precautions regarding the console and how to use it.

The release of Nintendo’s Wii console could trigger a wave of injury compensation cases as the frequency and the seriousness of injuries and damages increase over time.

Even more worrying is the fact that many Nintendo’s games involve physically performing actions. This might give rise to serious Repetitive Strain Injuries, exhaustion and other complications. Ironically, the Wii console helps breaking the image of the couch-potato gamer whose most active body part is his thumbs.