Alternatives to Windows Applications : 3 resources

One of the major obstacles that affects users looking to move to the Linux platform is the lack of viable alternatives to well-known commercial software. Fortunately, a number of websites now provide with comparison lists which can be useful for individuals and SME's looking to make the jump.

Open Source Alternative

It defines itself as " open source alternative - your quick guide to the best open source software". Those looking for a head-to-head comparison will be disappointed as Osalt's interface is somewhat clumsy. On the plus side, Windows apps are also listed on the website.

Linux Application Finder


When the site owner's first switched to Linux from Windows, one problem he had was finding good programs to accomplish some of the same tasks he was already doing. He knew there were plenty out there, but he didn't know how to find them. Linux App Finder was an idea that developed out of this search.

The table of equivalents / replacements / analogs of Windows software in Linux

A huge, if not overwhelming list of Windows and Linux alternatives in one big table on one big page. Loads of scrolling but it is worth it.