Remote Backup : Get it before it is too late

Remote Backup is one of the most useful, yet under utilised aspects of broadband. The ability to save a copy of your data thousands of miles away from your office for a few pennies a day is something that should not be ignored by anyone, especially small and medium firms.

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Walter Mossberg from the Wall Street Journal tested two separate online services - Mozy and Carbonite - which offer Remote backup for around 10p per day.

Both services were tested on Windows XP and will require that you download an application that will do the backup in the background.

To cut a long article short, Mossberg prefers Mozy for a number of reasons. If offers unrestricted space online (I don't like the word unlimited as unlimited storage has yet to be invented). Mozy is more customisable and is more versatile when it comes to restoring and scheduling backups.

Another great point is that Mozy allows backing of external storage devices including content on iPods and USB Drives. Oh and did I mention that Mozy will become mac-able in the first half of 2007.

As far as security is concerned both Mozy and Carbonite allow you to encrypt your data using very high level encryption which should keep all but the most powerful supercomputers away.

Now you can get free backup space using a few Gmail accounts and using Outlook Express as the backup file. But even then, dedicated backup services like Carbonite and Mozy win hands down due to the sheer fact that the backup process is automated.

Backing data has never been so easy and cheap and it would be a real shame if you would not try any one of the two services described above.