A Barclaycard & Oystercard in one

Interesting to see that Barclaycard has outlined plans for the UK's first `combi' credit card and pre-paid debit card, due for launch in the summer of next year.

Although precise plans haven't been revealed, Barclaycard wants to enhance its Visa credit card with Oystercard functionality, allowing cardholders to use the prepaid feature of the card on the London Underground buses and Docklands Light Railway.

But the plan is for the card to also function as a Visa Wave RFID card, allowing cardholders to buy goods and services costing under a tenner using a `wave' of the card.

This suggests that the new card will actually be a combination credit and debit card, with transactions of up to a tenner dibbed to your Barclays current account, and amounts in excess of this dibbed to your credit card account.

This is a complex product, to say the least, but Visa Europe seems to be throwing its weight behind the Barclays initiative.

This wouldn't have anything to do with the fact that the Olympics will be held in London in 2012, by which time Visa wants the UK to be a leader in terms of cashless transaction, now would it?.

One multi-function card? Super - just make sure you'd lose the bloody thing...