Spam is taking over says MessageLabs

MessageLabs' end-of-year summary claims to show that almost 90 per cent of emails in active circulation are now spam. And looking at my own email records, I can well believe it.

According to the IT security services provider, the New Year will see the convergence of spam, viruses and spyware in a series of hybrid threats that will attack users' PCs.

The firm's 2006 annual security report found that 86.2 per cent of all email on the Internet is now spam, most of it originating from botnets scattered across the Internet.

Thanks to its botnet origins, MessageLabs says that 63.4 per cent of spam comes from previously unknown sources, something that makes the use of DNS blacklists to block spam increasingly ineffective.

The only good news in the report is that MessageLabs found that 2006 was a surprisingly low-key year for viruses, with the January, 2006, emergence of the Kama Sutra worm being the only major outbreak of the year.

Oh, and stand by, says MessageLabs, for a new bread of ransomware in 2007, with malware arriving that encrypts your vital data and then demands dosh with menaces before releasing it...