Another UK-based remote backup solution launched

Telstra Europe is launching a remote backup service to protect businesses against the loss or corruption of important data files and strengthen their disaster recovery procedures.

Telstra’s Remote Backup is a fully managed agent-based solution which, once installed, automatically backs up files and folders specified by the user, generating an off-site copy which can then be securely retrieved in realtime from anywhere in the world with internet access.

Key business benefits include automated backup - which allows users to focus 100% on core work activities; an online file retrieval and management portal - giving businesses direct access to their important data; highly secure 128 bit encryption format to assure data security; file compression to speed up the retrieval process and patented technology, which stops identical files being backed up more than once by multiple users in the same company.

According to Yankee Group research, data protection and recovery is still the number one headache for IT managers in UK businesses of all sizes (46%). With increasing levels of remote and flexible working, it is vital companies safeguard against loss of mission-critical data to protect their commercial performance. According to Gartner Group research, on an annual basis, 15% of laptops suffer a hardware failure, 10% are stolen and 32% of data is lost due to user error.

Regulation for data protection and archiving, such as the Freedom of Information Act and Sarbanes Oxley, also means that companies of all sizes now need to address their data storage procedures.

Backed up data is hosted at Telstra’s London Hosting Centre, which is resiliently connected to Telstra’s UK and Global networks. As a managed service, customers also benefit from 24/7 service monitoring and industry leading levels of support. Telstra’s Remote Backup is designed for PC and Laptop users running Microsoft Windows environments and comes in 1, 2, 5, 10, 15 and 30 GB packages.