Greek watchdog fines Vodafone Greece 76 million euros

Vodafone went very quiet over the weekend when the Greek telecoms regulator announced it was being fined a whacking 76 million euros for failing to secure its network against unauthorised access.

The fine was imposed by the Authority for Communications Security and Secrecy (ADAE), which said that Vodafone failed to adequately protect the network from hackers who used a legitimate surveillance system to spy on top Greek officials during the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens.

"The ADAE has decided to impose a fine of EUR76 million for the total number of violations that the company is responsible for," the regulator said in its press statement.

According to the Associated Press, ADEA added that it also plans to question Ericsson officials whose surveillance system was used in the wiretaps, to determine whether the Swedish-based company also had any responsibility for the wiretaps.

Earlier this year, the Greek government disclosed the existence of a secret wiretapping operation which had tracked the cellular calls of more than 100 prominent politicians, journalists and businessmen, including those of Prime Minister Costas Karamanlis.

The Greek Parliament and a senior prosecutor are holding separate inquiries into the scandal, including an investigation into who may have hacked into the Vodafone network...