Terra Soft Ships YDL v5.0 DVD Set for Playstation 3

Terra Soft shipped its Yellow Dog Linux v5.0 for Sony's newly announced Playstation 3. Available now from the Terra Soft online Store, the 2 DVD set includes more than 2000 packages for a complete desktop, development, and server solution; a printed Guide to Installation, YDL sticker, and flexible flier.

Developed under basic agreement with Sony Computer Entertainment, Inc., Yellow Dog Linux v5.0 is Terra Soft's next generation Linux operating system for Power with immediate support for Playstation 3. YDL v5.0 introduces Enlightenment E17 for an integrated end-user experience far surpassing previous releases. A break from the KDE and Gnome norm, E17 is a light weight, refreshing desktop manager unique for its simplicity of use and stylish features.

More than a gamebox, the Playstation 3 was designed to function as a personal computer, incorporating the state-of-the-art Cell microprocessor with super computer power. Yellow Dog Linux gives the Playstation 3 the full functionality of a personal computer, incorporating code from Barcelona Supercomputing Center, Sony Group, and Fedora.

A simplified installer enables anyone to install. Post-install, the default Firefox home page offers a Quick Start Tutorial to YDL and E17, moving users through the basics of networking, working with applications, and desktop configuration. The default suite of applications and associated menu organization offers an intuitive, self-guided means of exploring Linux.

For more information about Yellow Dog Linux, visit this page.