Chip&Signature - it really works...

I decided to sign up a pal who is doing a lot of building work for us to my Nationwide Visa credit card account - makes life easier for him, as well as us on the paperwork front.

For some strange reason, however, Nationwide says that accounts with three or more cards on them cannot be Chip&Pin, but must use Chip&Signature.

The reasoning, the building society says, is that multi-card accounts are difficult to control PIN-wise, but I have my doubts about this. I think it's simply easier for Nationwide to administer Chip&Signature.

Despite problems when using my signature-only Amex card last year when Chip&Pin was introduced, I've been quietly impressed with the shops this last few weeks, as they seem fully geared up to accepting Chip&Signature cards.

In fact most sales staff have commented on the large numbers of punters using Chip&Signature. They have all acknowledged that the Chip&Pin system is about as secure - and about as much use - as a chocolate teapot in terms of functionality.

I'm so impressed with the relative ease with which I can use my Chip&Signature card, in fact, that I may convert most of my other cards to this system.

I had expected some retailer resistance to Chip&Signature, but it simply isn't there. Perhaps large numbers of other bank card customers have realised how flawed Chip&Pin is from a security standpoint...